What are the Most Common Causes of Truck Breakdowns?

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Brakes, tires, electrical systems, and refrigeration units can all cause semi-truck breakdowns, leaving your truck driver stranded. At Walkers Plant Maintenance, we believe in the power of preventative maintenance. Scheduled, routine maintenance to prevent truck breakdowns. But even the most well maintained and cared for fleet can experience some hiccups on the road. Regular old wear and tear can lead …

Why is Regular Maintenance of Your Diesel Truck Important?

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The life and performance of a diesel truck depend on the actions of the owner. Regular maintenance of a diesel vehicle is critical to the health of the truck and safety of the riders. Continually using a diesel vehicle without routine truck maintenance can be dangerous. Diesel truck maintenance may not be feasible for the owner to do themselves, especially …

Walkers Plant Maintenance Mobile Truck mechanic & Mobile Diesel Mechanics

What Does a Mobile Diesel Mechanic Do?

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A mobile diesel mechanic is a qualified professional who offers repair and maintenance services for trucks, vans, cars, trailers and other motor vehicles on your site. Unlike regular mechanic services, a diesel mechanic comes to you at a schedule convenient to provide the required service. This makes a mobile service highly valuable. If you are looking for a reliable mobile …