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Diesel Mechanic Repair

Common Problems with Diesel Engines

Diesel engines are way better than gasoline-powered engines mostly because of the fuel economy. But they do come with their share of problems and ignoring them will cause a total shutdown of your vehicle. Looking for a diesel mechanic who will undertake repairs of your diesel engine? Walkers Plant Maintenance is here to give your vehicle a thorough servicing that will set your vehicle in motion in no time.

Being aware of the common problems that occur with diesel engines will prompt you to take your vehicle to a diesel mechanic for repair should there be an issue. Have a look at some of the problems mentioned.

Loss of Power

Contact a diesel mechanic for repair if you are having trouble revving up your engine. The culprit is usually a dirty fuel filter. Impurities get accumulated in the filter and hence a routine clean up of the filter should be done so that issues like hard starting or poor acceleration can be avoided. When the fuel filter is filthy the problem manifests in a sudden power loss.

Oil Leak

If you see smoke coming out from the hood of your vehicle it is time to see a mechanic. This happens due to old engine gaskets and the subsequent oil leak that happens. The oil leaks onto the engine components and this needs to be cleaned right away. Visit Walkers Plant Maintenance for a clean-up and a professional solution.

Excessive Smoke Release

If your diesel vehicle is releasing a considerable amount of smoke through the exhaust it is due to an imbalanced air to fuel ratio. This could be due to a faulty fuel injector, air filter or the turbocharger. A diesel mechanic will also inspect your injector pump and the EGR valve for problems.

Fuel Contamination

Water is the most common contaminant in diesel which causes problems from damage to the fuel system to an engine breakdown. If you see an unusual amount of smoke it means petroleum products like asphaltene is causing the problem. Take your vehicle to a mechanic who will diagnose and fix your problem.

Faulty Lubricant Usage

It is important to use the right kind of oil for your diesel engine. During summer, single weight oil can be used but winter days calls for a multi-weight oil. This will ensure that there will be no problems starting your engine. Moreover, using the correct lubricant keeps your engine in good shape.

Defective Glow Plug

If your glow plug is defective chances are that your vehicle won’t start. A glow plug is a heating device that’s used to heat up the air-fuel mixture. It induces combustion and makes a diesel engine work even in the coldest of winters. To get your glow plug fixed, get in touch with a mobile diesel mechanic.

Mobile Diesel Mechanic Repair Services

We also provide mobile truck mechanic services in Perth and the surrounding area. Contact Walkers Plant Maintenance Perth on 08 9409 2577 for a complete check-up of your diesel vehicle and you can enjoy an uninterrupted, hassle free ride.