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Benefits of Regular Plant Maintenance

Plant maintenance is carried out so as to reap the benefits of productivity and efficiency in an industry. Plant maintenance, if undertaken regularly is beneficial for the employees as well as the equipment. The occurrence of accidents will be less and the morale of the employees stays high, knowing that the machinery they handle is in good condition and free of danger.

Walkers Plant Maintenance is here to do your machinery a whole lot of good. We analyse every problem in detail and provide solutions, so your business is not affected. In case of emergencies we are there to offer you help with our emergency call out service available to you seven days a week.

Predictive maintenance is a newer maintenance technique as compared to preventive, scheduled or corrective maintenance. It involves the use of human senses, audio gauges, amplitude meters or vibration analysers to diagnose and detect a problem. Take a look at the advantages of regular plant maintenance and learn why it is an important aspect of industrial safety today.

Contributes to Safety

Regular plant maintenance contributes to the safety aspect of the equipment. There is no sudden danger that arises and poses a threat to life and limb. Hence the number of injuries and fatalities will be considerably reduced. There will be no freak accidents and the employees are at ease handling the machinery.

Reduces Cost of Equipment

Predictive maintenance detects the problem beforehand. So instead of the entire machinery being replaced it is only a component or a faulty part that needs to be replaced. Thus the cost of replacement or repairs is not really much and this reduces the overall equipment cost.

Timely Warranty Claims

Keeping a track of maintenance works helps you claim warranty for your equipment. Even the smallest of repairs needs to be documented and making this a practice will help you in the long run. There will be a reduction in maintenance expenses and this benefits your business.

Reduces Repair Time

Regular maintenance reduces the repair time to a great extent. A problem is diagnosed in the nick of time and promptly resolved. Work is resumed without any delay and without the fear of a possible breakdown.

Increases Productivity

Predictive maintenance identifies problematic areas in the equipment and repair work is undertaken swiftly. The chances of sudden machine breakdown with regular plant maintenance are lower. Timely diagnosis and immediate corrective action helps increase productivity.

Saves Energy

A defective machine will draw out more power. Well maintained and efficient machinery will consume less power thus saving energy and leading to lesser utility expenses.

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