What are the Most Common Causes of Truck Breakdowns?

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Brakes, tires, electrical systems, and refrigeration units can all cause semi-truck breakdowns, leaving your truck driver stranded. At Walkers Plant Maintenance, we believe in the power of preventative maintenance. Scheduled, routine maintenance to prevent truck breakdowns. But even the most well maintained and cared for fleet can experience some hiccups on the road. Regular old wear and tear can lead to truck breakdowns, as well as a flat tire. Below are the common reasons why trucks breakdown and what you can do to prevent it from happening to you. 

  1. Tires

Issues with the tires are one of the most common causes of truck breakdowns. The tires are one of the most crucial elements of a semi-truck, and without them, you aren’t going anywhere. When not given the proper amount of preventative care and attention, though, bad tires can be incredibly dangerous to truck drivers and other vehicles on the road. Air leaks and under inflation are the most common cause of tire issues for semi-trucks. An underinflated tire can cause excessive heat buildup within the tire sidewall. Low tread depth can weaken the tires and make them more susceptible to punctures. A misaligned axle can accelerate normal wear and tear and cause issues with the tires.

  1. Electrical Issues

Problems with the electrical system is another common cause of truck breakdowns. Mostly, the system is comprised of the starter motor, alternator, and battery. If any of these components malfunctions, the system will fail. Some of the most frequent issues that happen with a truck’s electrical system are dead batteries, corroded connections, dim lights, clicking sounds when starting the engine, and strange smells all indicate a problem is brewing with the electrical components. 

  1. Brakes

Problems with the brakes cause a lot of semi-truck accidents. Since the semi truck’s disc and brake drums are exposed to heat on a consistent basis, along with pressure and friction, they will wear down quickly. Without proper maintenance, the brakes can fail and lead to a fatal crash. Brake issues are usually caused by air leaks or external wear, tear, and corrosion. Sometimes, internal water contamination can cause the airline to freeze in cold weather. Most Common Causes of Truck Breakdowns | Walkers Plant Maintenance Perth

  1. Refrigerated Trailers

A refrigerated trailer is a critical part of many semi-truck fleets, enabling businesses to ship freight that must be in a temperature-controlled environment. But when a refrigerated trailer breaks down, you need to get it repaired, and fast. One way to prevent this common cause of semi-truck breakdowns is to monitor the trailer while on the road. Look out for any in-cab signals that may indicate the refrigerated trailer isn’t working the way it should. 

What can you do to prevent the common causes of semi-truck breakdowns?

The most effective way to prevent your truck driver from getting stranded is to implement a preventative care schedule for your fleet. Be sure to inspect the trucks before hitting the road, while on the road, and soon after reaching your destination. Analyze the maintenance data to inform your future fleet maintenance plans and decisions. 

Do you need an emergency breakdown service?

Walkers Plant Maintenance offers 24-hour mobile mechanic repair services for semi-truck breakdowns. We’ll even transport and stay with your truck driver somewhere safe until you can arrange transportation for them. We’ll stay in continuous communication with you until the truck is fixed. Contact our Perth diesel mechanics today to schedule preventive maintenance with our certified, experienced, and insured mechanics for your fleet. 

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